The college authority has laid down the following rules which are essential for the healthy academic life of an institution.

  1. It is mandatory for all the students to come to college wearing prescribed uniform. No student can attend class without uniform.
  2. Students must come to college with their Identity Card. Any loss or damage of the card must be brought to knowledge of the college authority.
  3. A student must have 75% of class attendance otherwise she/he will not be allowed to appear in sessional examinations. If any student is found absent at least for 15 days at a stretch then he/she will be considered discollegiate.
  4. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited. Strong disciplinary action will be taken against those involved in such anti-academic activities.
  5. Unlawful use of mobile phones inside college campus will result in disciplinary action.
  6. Writing or sticking any bills on the college campus walls and rooms will result in disciplinary action. Any notice to be pasted elsewhere in the college compound needs prior approval of the college authority.
  7. Any discourtesy shown to the teachers and office staff will be dealt with strict hands.
  8. Students must refrain from indulging in any unfair means in the examination hall.
  9. Students must clear their dues in time.
  10. Smoking and Consumption of liquor or any intoxicants leads to serious disciplinary action.
  11. Students should park their bicycles or two-wheeler nowhere except for students’ parking lot.
  12. The Principal is the final authority for maintaining internal and external discipline of the college and taking any final decision.
  13. Selection test for offering Honors course will be held after ten days from the commencement of classes.
  14. Guardian’s presence in the guardian meeting is highly solicited for necessary feedback and valuable suggestions.