Students’ performance will be monitored throughout the semester by continuous assessment in the theory and practical courses. Evaluation of the students’ performance in each of the theory and practical paper will be based on the following;

  1. A student will not be allowed to appear in semester and examination if he/she is absent in sessional examination.

  2. Percentage of examination : Internal Evaluation 20% marks, External Evaluation 80% marks.

  3. Internal Evaluation will be based on sessional examination , home assignments, seminars and library works in each semester. 50% of the total marks of the sessional examination is kept aside for evaluation of the students depending on their status of attendance in classes, seminars college week, meeting etc. The rest 50 % will be given from subjects.

  4. Pass marks in each theory paper is 30% and that in each practical paper is 40%.

  5. In each paper , students must secure pass marks in both the internal as well as the external evaluation separately.

  6. A student who could not appear or failed in any semester examination will be allowed to clear the same as follows:

    1. The 1st Semester with the regular 3rd

    2. The 2nd Semester with the regular 4th

    3. The 3rd Semester with the regular 5th

    4. The 4th Semester with the regular 6th

    5. The 5th Semester with the regular 1st

    6. The 6th Semester with the regular 2nd



N.B. : Rules may be changed by Government / University order.