Title of the Practice : Mixed-Cultural Rally and Colourful Program

Gyanpeeth Degree College is situated under the lap of trans-Himalayan terrain bordering Bhutan and have place of residence of multi-cultured, multi-lingual people. Hence, one of the missions of our institution is to create the spirit of unity and harmony among the students with a conducive academic environment.

As a regular practice, the Annual College Week festival is organized on the basis of the affiliated university norms with a convenient time schedule. It provides the student a plateform to display their talents. In this auspicious occasion, one day is dedicated only for cultural programmes and competitions, the beginning is made with colourful ‘Cultural Rally’ where students of all community perform their cultural activities. Teachers are also very much excited and provide all kinds of supports. Assamese ‘Bihu’, Bodo ‘Bagarumba’, Adibasi ‘Jhumur’, Nepali, ‘Khukuri Dance’, Bengali ‘Marriage’ system are main items of attractions.