Title of the Practice : Outreach Programme

The ‘Outreach Programme’ is carried out with the active participation of the Eco Club, Extension Activity Cell, College Week and Cultural Committee, Skill Development Committee, Green Audit Committee, Committee on NSS, Committee on NCC, Voters Club, Yoga Management Cell, etc. In addition, lots of practices have been initiated in collaboration with different departments of government, district administration of Baksa and collaborating NGOs.


SWOT analysis and Future plans




  1. Sufficient land
  2. Pollution free air
  3. International border with Bhutan
  4. Composite culture
  5. Well-equipped digital library
  6. Indoor stadium and Gymnasium
  7. Qualified faculty




  1. Poor financial condition of most of the students.
  2. Slow internet-connectivity
  3. Communication Problem




  1. Multiple streams
  2. Prospect of tourism   
  3. Upgradtion of tourism


Challenge/ Threat:


  1. Lack of faculties-teaching, non-teaching and technical
  2. Dropout problems due to economic hazard
  3. Social backwardness
  4. Local bandh



Future Plans:


  • To take the Institution at greater heights and become one of the best UG and PG institution of the area.
  • To enhance the collaboration and cooperation among educational institutions to cope with the demand of higher education in the coming decades as per the need of NEP 2020.