From the Desk of Librarian

I heartily and warmly welcome all to the “LATE PRASANNA SARMA MEMORIAL CENTRAL LIBRARY”, Gyanpeeth Degree College, Nikashi, Baksa (B.T.R.), Assam.

        The college library was established in 1993 by founder of the college Ex-GB President, Social Worker Mr. Dayananda Bhandary, founder secretary scholar Late Prasanna Sarma with the help of others GB members and local people. Scholar Late Prasanna Sarma turned Principal of Gyanpeeth Degree College and Mr. Bhaben Chandra Kalita was appointed as first Librarian of the college Library. In 2010 after death of founder secretary , the college library was dedicated ” LATE PRASANNA SARMA MEMORIAL CENTRAL LIBRARY” ,Gyanpeeth Degree College, Nikashi

     You know Library is a store house of knowledge, generating knowledge to the readers is main function of the library and also called Library is the backbone of Educational process and play a vital role in building a nation. Human Resource Development is closely interlinked with library. Human Development is one of the indicator of the overall development of a particular country.

           Development of Information Technology through E-mail, Internet, Networking etc. have change the society and also posed a challenge to the library and information system, professional to meet the increasing demand of Digital Information . Information Technology is being persived as one of the key to the progress and prosperity of mankind in the new millennium.

       Our college has provided a Library for benefits of students, teachers and non-teaching staff, taking the scholastic environment at the front. The PSM Central Library is a Digital Library which is facilitated with RFID Technology and maintained by KOHA Library Software. The college library is facilitated with well defined furniture , Skill full staff, spacious reading room, reading material, N-LIST membership, Wi-Fi services and reprographic services for the benefits of readers.


       Thanking all of you , I hope you will visit the Library and improve your knowledge.


Bhandeb Chandra Kalita


Gyanpeeth Degree College, Nikashi