Nikashi the Land of Diversity

       Nikashi, the land of diversity for it is predominantly inhabitant by the colourful and indigenous tribes,and communities, is situated in the northernmost corner of Assam, 27 kilometres away from the 31 National Highway of Barama, and just 9 kilometres far from Baksa District head quarter, Mushalpur. It lies in the edge of Himalayan Mountain range and few kilometres away from the Indo-Bhutan border. Nikashi is widely known for its co-habitance of mixed communities which is loaded with rich and unique cultural heritage of its own.

      The name ‘Nikashi’ has come from a Nepali term ‘Nikash’ which means’ to evacuate, to discharge or clearance ‘. According to the historical evidences, in the 19th century this place was covered by dense forest and there were several ‘Khutis’(cowsheds) around it. The cowherds, after fetching water from the pond used to shelter their cows and buffalos on this particular place, which was slightly highland, and that was little safe for the flock to escape unnoticed from the wild animals, and thus , from this act of doing ‘Nikash’ from low land to high, the place has been popularly recognised as Nikashi.

      Nikashi has become a much highlighted tourist place for its rich, wildlife, eco-tourism, adventure tourism, cultural tourism and river tourism. The Maina-Pokhari, abode of Goddess “Bhui-Champa Devi” is a pilgrimage for the devotees that throng from different parts of the country. The “Daragaon” and the “Chauki” are the two most attractive picnic spots for the people.

       Nikashi is so rich for the wonderful cultural heritage of the different indigenous tribes and communities inhabit in it. The Bodos with their traditional attires and food habits, Gorkhas with their rich folk culture, Adibasis with their wonderful rituals and customs, Bengalis, Biharies, along with others have contributed immensely in the formation of greater composite Assamese society since ancient times. The people, irrespective of caste and communities, in the past paved a way for this higher institution and established this college in 1993 even though Nikashi was going through a hard time.